«always on the swaying scales of balance»
R. M. Rilke

My works combine sound and visual arts with a thorough conceptual research and are defined by a transversal method and an essential aesthetic. The creative impulse comes as a reaction to the huge amount of data surrounding us. I subtract, isolate and rework the preexisting matter in search of a new semantic system. I try to stimulate the observer’s engagement by subtly altering their perception. The silence, acoustic resonance and imperceptible sound variations in space and matter are the core of my sonic practice. I focus on fragments and marginal elements of architecture, recording the simple geometry of light, away from preset information and superstructures. I investigate the relationship between space and perception through photography, sculpture and sound.

Critical texts

Michele Spanghero,monographic catalogue published by EAP, 2018
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Michele Spanghero
review by R. Venturi on “Artforum International Magazine”, summer 2018, vol. 56, n. 10
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Ad lib. discreet machine requiem
review by M. Marangoni on “Neural Magazine” issue n.56, 2017
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Ad libitum, monographic catalogue published by TRA, 2016
texts by Chiara Ianeselli, Sergio Poggianella, Renzo Grosso, Luca Bobbini, Anna Avila, Maria Pavan, Stefano Boscolo, Elisa Danesin
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Spacing – a book on Studies on the Density of White, published by Multiplo, 2016
texts by Silvia Conta and Stefano Coletto
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Monologues, monographic catalogue published by Colonos, 2014
texts by Angelo Bertani, Sergio Pratali Maffei with an interview by Silvia Conta
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Monologues, solo show Galerie Mazzoli, 2014
text by Giacomo Matteo Miniussi
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Empty Matters, solo show Galerie Mario Mazzoli, 2012
text by Manuel Wischnewski
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Ouverture, solo show w. M. Tajariol, svernissage, 2014
text by D. Capra
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Exhibition Rooms, solo show Artericambi, 2010
Desirable Myopia text by Daniele Capra
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Translucide, solo show Factory-Art, 2009
WYSIWYG. What You See Is What You Get text by Daniele Capra
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Interlocutori dell’imperfetto, group show, 2011
Staticamente in bilico text by Michele Spanghero
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Topophonie, solo show festival Comodamente, 2011
Topophonie text by Daniele Capra
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Desmodrone, performance 2011
text by Daniele Capra
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Casabianca, solo show 2010
Listening Is Making Sense text by Silvia Conta
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Spectator Is a Worker, TinaB festival, group show 2010
catalogue excerpt text by Daniele Capra
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Figure Ipotetiche, group show 2010
catalogue excerpt text by Federico Mazzonelli
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Palinsesti Licof, group show 2009
Michele Spanghero text by Emanuela Pezzetta
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Fruz03, group show 2008
Il faut être absolument moderne, text by Marta Maioni
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SIGNAL, group show 2007
Segnali video text by Elisa Marras
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Il suono del silenzio. Michele Spanghero e i teatri vuoti. interview by Helga Marsala on
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Suono e materia, interview by Federica Colle on
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The Lymph of Sound, interview by Sandra Gesualdi on «La Freccia magazine» December, 2016
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Michele Spanghero, interview by Francesco Angelucci on «Insideart» n.104, 2015
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Quando la soundart ci restituisce Pasolini, interview by Silvia Conta on
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Monologues, interview by Silvia Conta on exibart
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Talent Zoom Michele Spanghero, interview by Alberto Zanchetta on «exibart.onpaper» n.77, 2012
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Michele Spanghero, interview by Silvia Conta on «confine international art magazine» n.24, 2011
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Michele Spanghero, interview by Simone Soldera on «Duemila» magazine march, 2014
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Così il silenzio ci parla, interview by Federica Marchesich on «Zeno», 2009
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All texts © their authors – reproduction and/or distribution of the contents of this texts in whole or in part is prohibited without the prior written consent of the authors.