Zero Sum

sculptures (2023)



4 curved steel tubes, 12 nylon straps with ratchet and snap hooks

(dim. 120x200x200cm)



2 curved steel tubes, 7 nylon straps with ratchet and snap hooks

(dim. 172x172x192cm)


Right Triangle

1 curved steel tube, 1 nylon strap with ratchet and snap hooks

(dim. 172x172x192cm)

Zero Sum

Zero Sum is a series of sculptures that create ideal geometric structures using the tensegrity method (a term coined by the architect Buckminster Fuller), in which structures are not made up of load-bearing elements, but of a sum of elements subjected to continuous forces of traction and compression that balance each other, creating a stable system in a seemingly non-intuitive way.
The Zero Sum sculptures are composed of curved steel struts tensioned by ratchet straps, industrial elements, essential and functional, symbols of strength and resistance, which also become aesthetic elements of shape and color.
Like the tensional relation that gives structure to these sculptures, in the same way a work of art is a complex system, the result of a metaphorical sum of forces that create a network of meanings balanced in a formal stability that is not always evident. The Zero Sum series focuses attention on the internal relationships established between elements such as color, line and shape in a silent geometric composition.